TROM-Jaro 07.07.2020.iso - 19th public release on July 7, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 5e82589c85520221d1b31540cb537e0a
SHA1 78627aaf7ceadf8cfa579f1a591bab9d599f8abc
SHA256 40b65f725b6535cd88b045f39c142f08b01a31b1d45e79817b993eb139873908
CRC32 efea1217
Hash 3079bd627b4baaf6662e7e22af9dbd18e240acf5

Note: the default password for the user tromjaro in live mode is TROMjaro

TROM-Jaro 06.06.2020.iso - 18th public release on June 6, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 9ae81a38ba848d574fc768a754bc6bf8
SHA1 46619b7be819928c546f8f3ec2b5ffaf4c9dddec
SHA256 2b3b9063373c31c21a92f7a60717fe87dbb91285e5ab85127c060db7e3f3fe3f
CRC32 9dffb5cd
Hash f7c16462c3ac6660a45582d530a2e34d0acb281d

TROM-Jaro 01.06.2020.iso - 17th public release on June 1, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 f149d708d9c0d7f2f0c90a2aa5d71dcb
SHA1 870d685d86b44db471ed98d29dede981c8954f24
SHA256 95d3de8a55e3f38262ecd1a14b162c0b7a138d5f7b7e8278ab7b4c0cb90350ce
CRC32 e744409e
Hash 674b626cd298977b203676b1d783cc5fba2f83ba

TROM-Jaro 05.05.2020.iso - 16th public release on May 5, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 b804afede87ebc307c5f29ec52546e03
SHA1 e7d59337f13b7f95da0e203aecca24286419d477
SHA256 99ce1bb39b38256cfbc09cee57cdc3174dabb3bd03c4c5b833a158cf14443069
CRC32 8faad443
Hash cdb4b5b0030de5fd5b9c0f1252cff8b53daf1c01

TROM-Jaro 20.04.2020.iso - 15th public release on April 20, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 e4517eb0b2d3f282eb46bda68f579b6c
SHA1 c10d1b80cee5bbe4f3a510e980c77f3960c71689
SHA256 4251485dda6371c3ea6ca975bc972b8d12e7dbac754ac38dcfd0b52032d985e2
CRC32 6f7bb1cd
Hash 2e0c900019b2e9a5a983de9261c1f668ee034210

TROM-Jaro 07.04.2020.iso - 14th public release on April 7, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 343592c12c9872c4b609e49bd63540d1
SHA1 252ffbf16597d650b9180d197bc7dfeab8d1a72f
SHA256 6725a861c04bbbb3a21c47c057461760b647067c0ff904503b1bf9811d97944d
CRC32 e7334d49
Hash 1823efd2348c4340f270ff4ac30d89ef22c0069d

TROM-Jaro 02.04.2020.iso - 13th public release on April 2, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 ee22d2e7a524f1a4cc68a347e6cba95e
SHA1 50bf2bdc0a80d76d209cd7bd4d7f5d656f311572
SHA256 d696dee084f87ab12be47cb3c16b3549e144499b3c350bce7d502aa1d9675caf
CRC32 411b1f10
Hash 06e1b0ed50f5f812b7127f3bb5c9c1c1c7c2bc0e

TROM-Jaro 08.03.2020.iso - 12th public release on March 8, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 4c6a94b7362510b9978120091a4a416d
SHA1 25e7a42f3c599078d340230309cb022bb8e697d0
SHA256 c66a6ac55a8c9958705861679a118bce55bdacb7c488b73cf689fe5e7a4ce48f
CRC32 7ca3815d
Hash dbc62c32e3473f4b0ccc391516cfe4adfe2872f1

TROM-Jaro 16.02.2020.iso - 11th public release on February 16, 2020 with the checksums:

MD5 ee4843f2c3ece731b537e376cb7df868
SHA1 5ba8e200c032f2ba23304b553a2937c9fe7805ab
SHA256 105339889a7928ff10ab106b3c3aefba97f3766970242cd4191ca09f32f83438
CRC32 3c535c56
Hash 2e693d71d918bcf121343881c2607de42b3a5945

TROM-Jaro 11.11.2019.iso - 10th public release on November 11, 2019 with MD5 checksum 9f552d42bca1ba21d1192f8a0bcf03a4

TROM-Jaro 01.10.19.iso - 9th public release on October 1, 2019 with MD5 checksum 4f17541847173648ab1b2b75f6f872aa

TROM-Jaro 17.06.2019.iso - 8th public release on June 17, 2019 with MD5 checksum 5f77e4b167da4a3e9a301390310c04e6

TROM-Jaro 28.05.2019.iso - 7th public release on May 28, 2019 with MD5 checksum 704ccb58633a0d2bdb3a5f1b80235676

TROM-Jaro 20-02-19.iso - 6th public release on February 20, 2019 with MD5 checksum 680e3a3d8f36274bc0bc1e006cda7073

TROM-Jaro 11-02-19.iso - 5th public release on February 11, 2019 with MD5 checksum a1e16515d5cd7d2c8c435d895dd19564

TROM-Jaro 27-01-19.iso - 4th public release on January 27, 2019 with MD5 checksum a3bc39c4a3fb8fcac790f9dcc336d064

TROM-Jaro 05.01.19.iso - 3rd public release on January 5, 2019 with MD5 checksum 1ef459ba4c1c39baa647b74cf99d3f79

TROM-Jaro 20.12.2018.iso - 2nd public release on December 20, 2018 with MD5 checksum 50101734c1238123c54962fa8f3def80

TROM-jaro (08-12-18).iso - 1st public release on December 8, 2018 with MD5 checksum f2e9fca575f4bb7485745759ad831cff

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