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  • Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko (2021/06/16 05:52)

    Wednesday, June 16, 2021 

    Vitaly Filipchenko.
    Image: Campaign to Elect Vitaly for NYC Mayor.

    In early May, Wikinews extended an invitation to Vitaly Filipchenko, an independent candidate in the 2021 New York City mayoral election, set to take place November 2nd, alongside other candidates. Filipchenko answered some questions about his policies and campaign during a phone interview.

    Filipchenko, registered on the New York City Campaign Finance Board as Vitaly A. Filipchenko, is the first Russian candidate for New York City mayor, being born in Tomsk, Siberia in 1973, according to news agency Sputnik. He has since naturalised as a United States citizen. According to the web site, Filipchenko has been educated in road construction and maintenance and owns a moving services company; he describes himself on his web site as a "small business owner". On his web site's platform page, he says that "[m]y English may not be perfect - but my platform is."

    Incumbent Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, who won re-election in the 2017 New York City mayoral election by 66.5%, cannot run for a third term under term limits. As of April 28, 22 candidates are currently running, the majority of whom are also Democrats. Ahead of the June Democratic primary for New York City mayor, a poll conducted May 23 and 24 by WPIX and Emerson College of 12 Democratic candidates with a margin of error of 3.2 per cent has former commissioner for the New York City Department of Sanitation Kathryn Garcia and Borough President of Brooklyn Eric Adams leading with 21.1% and 20.1%, respectively.

    Interview with New York City mayoral candidate Vitaly Filipchenko, recorded with a mobile phone.
    Image: J.J. Liu.

    Please introduce yourself, your history and your background, first.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Okay. My name is Vitaly Filipchenko, I am an independent candidate for New York City mayor.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What was it like growing up under perestroika and the Soviet Union's dissolution?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) So, really interesting. Like, basically, if you give a child a little bit more interest and a chance to be, how do I put it, in capitalism; it's like you give a child the stock market. Giving that kind of information: what this mean, what this is, what this for? That time was like that.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What made you decide to run for New York City mayor?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) I have [not seen] an honest mayor before, trying to see how [immigrants get] marginalised, because all this big money. Doesn't matter where you have it: from Democrats, from Republicans. They just followed that money. And all these big politician people? Its only interest: money, not real problem[s] from the people. They doesn't matter, Democrats, Republicans, they just making money. It's a money machine, for politician['s] gains.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) According to Sputnik News, you're the first Russian candidate for New York City mayor. Do you think that will help you among the immigrant population in the city?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Not really, because people [are] so afraid. We didn't see the real democracy in New York. Everyone can speak up for democracy, but half of them [are] not registering to vote, half of them, they [do] not believe anymore in politicians — doesn't matter who you are — and a lot of people, just like, they don't care, you know? They can talk too much, but they['re] not doing anything.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Why should New Yorkers vote for you?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Because I'm a basic, basically like [the] whole history of, like, American immigrants: I came from nothing, and became a self-[made] businessman, I became [a] hardworking person. And anyone from any kind of country, anyone from any kind of community, they can see [me] reflecting themself, themselves, because they're working really hard. I'm not standing behind any kind of big corporation, I'm not standing behind any kind of money. I'm just a regular guy. I want to be honest, I want to make a real democracy progress.

    Boarded New York City restaurant displays sign reading "we're all in this together" during the COVID-19 pandemic on April 16, 2020.
    Image: Anthony Quintano.

    Lots of people, they just get tons of money, and they don't care. They not, really don't care. They don't have experience [with] what we have a problem in New York. I represent small business owners, I represent immigrants, I represent people who will struggle in this pandemic. Other candidates? They do not represent anyone. They just represent themselves. They are one per cent [of the] rich people. They never have problems, because rich people make more money on this problem. Other population[s], like office employee[s], who've been working in an office in a pandemic, who['re] still working from home, and making more than 100 thousand, and it's working at home! They just [do] not see [the] problem, what's exactly, what's going on right now. They just keep working!

    I represent essential business who are really working outside, who are really working with the streets, working with the people who are exactly doing the job for the people. Like, most of them, these employees, this is a high-level money, they['re] just still working from home, and still making [the] same amount [of] money. We, we [are] struggling, because we got big problem[s] with our business: a lot of business[es] get shut down, a lot of business[es] get closed like restaurants, deliveries. And a small business owners, it's like really struggling, and in New York, [the] Mayor has done nothing for this. It's also a horrible person.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) You've criticised to Sputnik News that "if we look at other states, warm Florida, Georgia, their state budgets are not even ten times but 20, 50 times smaller than New York's. And their roads are better." Could you elaborate on that?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Oh, it's simple. I'm [a] civil engineer. I got a[n] engineering degree for building roads: highway roads, and you can see how the difference [in the] state[s] of New York, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina. In Florida, they got a budget [of] USD4 billion, and the roads are so much better. In New York state, you got like [a] 190 billion budget in the state, and it got ten times worse, because I can see what they're doing right now. They just manipulate the budget.

    They're doing one road, and [it's] suppose[d to be] if you do a good job, you can repair this road after ten years. But if you do repairs after like one or two years, they just motion budget, they're just like, obviously they're stealing money. If you're doing the same repair after two years, it's obviously "oh you're stupid, you don't know what you're doing?" They're just a regular: sit, then try to steal the money from the budget. It's called corruption.

    And I see all these roads, in New York, I'm not looking from just [the] perspective of like [a] simple idiot who doesn't know how to build the roads — I'm professional, I know how to build the roads — and I saw [in] 2019, on a Brooklyn expressway, there was building [of] two ramps, it's like 500 feet, building completely new, for six months, and a level did not match by like eight inches. They tried to connect to ramp to the main Brooklyn express; the level didn't match [by] like eight inches. They just demolish everything, and start building again from over.

    It's like, "Excuse me. You just spent [the] whole budget, and doing [it] again, what does this mean?" It's like, you engineered, your blueprint was non-effectual, or what's wrong? And when I was spoke with other people, it's not only one example in New York. A lot of examples, a lot of—because I'm living in Manhattan, I can see repairing the roads like [the] first time again. They did repair two years ago, and they just repair it again. It's like, "Excuse me. Why [do] you waste a lot of money? And the quality with doing this repair, is, like, horrible!"

    Then-commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation Polly Trottenberg on September 23, 2020.
    Image: Mark Trottenberg.

    We do have Department [of] Transportation, Polly Trottenberg, for eight years, and she's done [a] horrible job. Horrible. I'm a driver. I'm driving every day [in] like a regular car, like a truck. And I know...Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Expressway — Manhattan, Bronx, Queens — all this road: horrible. Nothing just like pothole repair; in [the] condition [of] who do[es] this job, I don't know who signs in contracts. Was this like a construction company, they do not have experience, or they're just like not qualif[ied] for this job.

    And more important: if you['re] Department of Transportation, you have to sign [an] agreement. If you're doing a bad job, you have to repair. Because, how are you going to get paid for [a] bad job? If you do a new job for interview[ing] me, and it's like probably, your boss gonna like "oh, we're not going to pay you because it does nothing." Same thing. This person, Department of Transportation, Polly Trottenberg, they got moved up in Washington DC at a high position. It's like, that's a horrible job in New York, are you guys in DC completely idiots to hire this person, or something is corrupt. Same thing with the Mayor.

    And if you start pointing each one corner in New York, you will be surprised. Like, for example, all these candidates who are running like "I have experience, I built so many low-income houses", they didn't do anything, you just negotiated with landlords when you change the zoning from like twenty-story building to forty-story building and asking "give me ten, twenty apartments" and they give you ten, twenty apartments for low-income because you're not building anything! For eight years in New York, low-income NYCHA [New York City Housing Authority] didn't build nothing, it's still like negotiators with landlords.

    In my position, I travel like New York City, we can build a lot of buildings, for high-quality luxury buildings, can sell it. And all this profit go back to New York budget. We say we can build, like NYCHA building, but actually residents can be like co-op, they['re] allowed to decide where the budget has to go, not like, for example, New York City to decide "well, we have to pay that whole buildings." I don't think they need any kind of painting, they have to just repair like [the] plumbing system, the electric system, and the people are in NYCHA who like co-op can decide it: "okay, we need this first and then this second." And a lot of Mitchell-Lama did not do many more after [the] 50s-60s.

    I want to build this Mitchell-Lama loan, same thing. We didn't have a clinic who wants New York City, because if you build new clinics, if you create a lot of construction job[s] to build, because the city was doing—they just hired a little company with a high-quality payroll and have wasted money again! If you just hire New York City employers to create the New York City jobs, and start building, like, New York City clinics. You can hire a professional physician, all these doctors. It's when we create more jobs, and all these jobs are going to be get paid for New York. It's a simple way: stop wasting money for all these big billionaires; you just put a lot of infrastructure money to these billionaires! We can do that for citizens' sel[ves], to help oursel[ves]. That's my policy.

    Just like, I'm doing this from my view, because I'm living every day, one more day on the street, with these problems on the street. I understand what's going on. Most of New Yorkers just see something wrong, it's like "oh, I don't know what's happened, I don't like it". But they never focus what's the problem. What's exactly the base of the problem.

    Demonstration against hate crimes directed towards Asian Americans in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City on April 10, 2021.
    Image: Andrew Ratto.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Your web site has said "I do not want to defund police - but retrain." Could you please elaborate on that?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Oh, simple way! You have information about, like, what's going on right now in New York. A lot of, it's called 'hate crime', but if you be [specific], what does [it] mean, 'hate'? It mean[s], hate Asian; it's mean[t] for the basic information. What they say 'hate crime', it mean[s] Asian people hate Asian people, but it's not. Right now in New York City, most of 90 per cent [of] black people are completely destroying Asian people, and it's mean[ing] it's not 'hate crime', it's actually a racist crime. I have to be specific, and I have to call [a] specific name [for] what's going on, and they try to cover this and for this to know it's just 'hate crime'.

    Not possible, 'hate crime'. It's a completely racist crime! Because most of them, who [are] doing this act, it was like a different ethnicity [of] people. It's a, obviously, race crime. And to find out with this problem, you have to put more officers to work, [it] means you have to pay overtime, and to pay more officers, for example, if you go every day and there's, say, like ten thousand officer[s], you have to put in fifteen thousand, because you have to be undercover, you have to be [taking] more shift[s], you have to be [spending] more time on the job to stop this crime.

    If you want to defund police, how are you going to stop the crime? It's like Catch-22: we want to defund police, but we need more security on the streets. That doesn't work. And I say it's like "no, it's not defund police, you have to retrain." Because in my opinion, [a] bad person has to be in a bad place; a good person has to be in a good place. It doesn't matter if police officer, or just regular citizen. If you do something wrong, you deserve to be in the wrong place. Same thing with police! If you're not deserv[ing] to be a good officer, excuse me, we have to fire you. I have to get trained-better police officers; it's better quality.

    [In] most of [the] states, for example Vermont, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, District [of] Columbia, a police officer has to pass [a] physical exam every six months. For example, you have to run in 1.7 miles on the time. If you look at the New York police officer? Obviously, after three years, in auxiliary police [officers], I can see half of them cannot run. It means they [are] not physically trained for this job. And if you can see, I'm not gonna blame. I want to say the systems are really bad. And if you try to stop any kind of crime, you have to be physically prepared. And what [do] police officers do? They start shooting. Because they're afraid! They're not physically prepared for any kind of physical violation. They cannot prepare any kind of physical fight: martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, because they don't have experience.

    If a person [is] really sick, what's he gonna do, if they have a power? Just going to shoot you. Simple answers. And I saw a lot of New York police: overweight, and not ready for any kind of physical activity. That's a big problem. New York State, they['re] screaming "we Democrats, we['re] for democracy", not actually, not guys. You['re] just hypocrites. They try to blame everyone except themselves.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How do you plan to, in your words, "support small businesses with rent law changes"?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Oh, I told everybody. When it was a[n] epidemic—COVID-19 problems, I told everybody [a] simple way, because I was trying to volunteer [for] New York City Cares: it's a food distribution from the city from volunteers, from donors who, like, small business owners that needed the food. Now obviously food bank[s]: not bad, not bad, but again, it's a canned food, not a lot of good food. And, in my opinion, back in the time, [the] city can make a contract with all small business restaurants. Together, for example, for one period [of] time, from like 8am to 10pm, [the] city will pay money for, like, breakfast or lunchtime for homeless people, who lost a job or [have] low-income. People can get [a] normal meal, and in [the] late time, all these restaurant[s] can [be] working like regular restaurants, and you can make your profit and money.

    Because you can see a lot of businesses were shut down, because they can't survive. In my opinion, it's completely mismanagement with small businesses. We just can sign the contract. First of all, we can help these people who really struggle with food; they can get a good-quality food. It's like what all deserves.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How do you plan to, in your words, "Build back a greener, fairer city"?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) First of all, you should notice [the] city's like a cement jungle: a lot of asphalt, a lot of cement. And again, if you notice, we do a lot of bus lane and bike lane, and a lot of people know it's really toxic paint. When you do this painting, you can make it worse for [the] environment. And most important, when you're planning bike lanes, bus lanes not correctly, you create your traffic contractions. When you create your traffic contractions, what's happening? A lot of oxocarbons coming from the cars, a lot is congestion and it's going to be worse.

    People say like "oh, we got the bikes, that's safe". No, because we still have stores, we still have deliveries, we still have truck[s that] have to deliver with food, have to deliver it [with] any kind of supplies, material, but where's he going to park? That's no way to find the parking. That's really [going to] have to double park, triple park, and blocking in the street, and it cause[s] congestion. And the people still like to stop because they have to deliver, they have to support small business. But city can't violation, one, second, well, it's a big traffic, sort of with conjunction with oxycarbonite. This means there was planning completely not, how would [I] say in really nice way...completely stupid.

    A forested flyover in Fujieda, Japan on June 30, 2010.
    Image: Aimaimyi.

    Because I see all this planning was like, they created, okay, for example, if you notice a lot of parking spots for trucks, for cars, for deliveries, it was [a] parking zone. But, because restaurant[s were] struggling, they put in extra seats from the parking spots. It means they took all the parking spots for cars, but the cars have to deliver the food, and they have to plan, where they have to park? Nowhere. It's deteriorated worse and worse, this was planning completely stupid. If you plan in [a] correct way it deserves, like different countries Norway, like British, you can see exactly how the location [of] the parking spot. How [it's] allocated all this green zone.

    If you put in a lot of bushes, if you plant in a lot of green trees, and then you make it a better environment. If you create it like [a] sidewalk over the road, nothing across the road like a lot of China, Korea and Japan, they created crosspasses over the road. It's like small parks, each one intersection is like [a] tiny park with the trees, with benches, and it's [safe]! People can cross over the road, and they have to cross the road, they go over the path, there's a small—tiny parks, it's a great idea [that] already exists in China, and in different countries.

    And I was planning the same thing to create in New York City but again, all these candidates [are] screaming "I'm going to put in four billion dollars on the parks", "I'm going to put ten billion over that", guys. You just drop the name and numbers. You never offered any kind of specific job. Like for example, I live in New York City, Manhattan, where you have East Side Park. And now Mayor put it in the budget 1.2 billion dollars to renovating the park. But [the] park is functional. It exists, and I'm running every Sunday there. It's working really good, but you want to do the repair, idiot. There really exists this park, you have to create a different one which does not exist and will, like for example Bronx, Queens, they need more parks for people. Why focus all big money for little Manhattan?

    A portrait of Andrew Cuomo taken September 22, 2010.
    Image: Pat Arnow; Upstate NYer.

    And to figure out exactly where is the problem, where the problem is actually that we have the big pollution. Then you have to create a park in that area. Over here, what they're doing is just try to create it, like, new park, and new park is bad, and they see like all this rail and space to high landlords, therefore the price skyrocket[s]. Because he got a better park, he got more trains. Same with Andrew Cuomo. He tried to create a more normal train station. We already have enough train stations. Like family, four years ago they built four extra stuff for Q trains, they spent four billion dollars. For four billion dollars, you can buy Stuyvesant-Cooper with the 20 thousand apartments for [the] same price. 20 thousand apartment[s], you can put all these people who [need] a low-income property. To pay it all, it's a lot of apartments.

    And I see all this planning, what's going on in New York, it's just like it's a waste of money. They['re] pretending we need to build train station, of course we do, but we've have to look with the needs first.

    Andrew Yang speaking in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 30, 2018.
    Image: Collision Conf.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Why have you decided to run as an independent candidate?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Because the problem is that Democrats and Republicans: they just, most of them, they say they're for people. But actually they're not for people, they're just for money. Because if you['re] like, for example, Andrew Yang, for example. "I want to help the people". Dude, you already got your business, you're getting millions dollars, you already spent like a hundred million dollars when you're running for President in the United States, now you're running for mayor. Dude, you already got power, you got business, you can help them as anyone else.

    I don't have a power, I just to be like speak out from the people who really deserves the help. Because I'm living in this problem, and as you guys are not living the problem! Because they're just looking above us, because they have [a] different style [of] life, they own the apartments, they own the houses, they got assets of millions of dollars. I'm just a regular guy! I can speak up for everybody. That's my main form because I try to help people, because I know the problem. I'm living the shoot with these people.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What has [current mayor] Bill de Blasio not done that you would like to do instead?

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio riding the bus on April 30, 2021.
    Image: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) Oh first of all, he completely screwed the city. If you remember back with COVID-19 became; he said like "okay, guys, I give you free bus rides" instead [of] say[ing] like "no, no bus rides, no any kind of train", and if I was the mayor I can say "you know, people, you can use the bikes, like whatever Citi Bikes for free, Citi pay [to use], if you guys drive in the car, you have to work", like for example I was talking [to] a lot of nurses and doctors. Do you know how many tickets they got through parking violation because they have to work, they can't find the parking spot and again paying a lot of money.

    As for me, if you drive a new car, you got a big distance from anybody else. It's [the virus] is not spreading out. But back in the time, de Blasio said like "okay guys, everyone in the MTA [Metropolitan Transportation Authority] is essential business". But bacteria don't care [about] essentially; you're not essential, you just spread disease. And instead he said like "all these busses [are] free in New York." Really, and all that mentality for people, free bus can get more riders in the bus, and he obviously just spread[s] more and more COVID-19. That's a big problem.

    And if you want to do essential business, okay, I understand! Some people [don't] have a car, some people—like for example, do you know many nurses live in Long Island, they have to drive their car? A lot, a lot! And if you try to create, you have to do, for example, like China, Korea or Russia. What['ve] they done? They created more jobs, they put a person who was working on a station to check your temperature, and if you see the high fevers like, if you necessarily have to go back home, you cannot spread the fever. That's how they created the job, and that is how they stop the spread.

    Because I remember back, I would always wake up six in the morning, I walk in flat six stor[ies], and I see [it] packed: whole train, whole bus, was packed. Even right now, even two months, five months, six months, because I wake up, I'm working to go work by the train, by the bus. And I see it's completely packed.

    If you want to do a better job, you can send to people who can do like, you know, like cashiers, or like managers of like jet skis, like excuse me guys, in this wagon: 20 people, next wagon please, 20 people. To get the distance. Back in the time, why this was so horrible, COVID-19 struck in New York with people spreading through the empty [space] in their busses because nobody came [at] a distance. That was bad, bad, horrible, it was [a] bad job for a mayor, and bad job for Governor Cuomo. Both of them did a horrible job.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2017 New York City mayoral election, if anyone?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : 2017? One time I think...2017...'17 I don't remember, but the first one [when] de Blasio came, I was supporting him, I didn't know him better, and obviously it was my big mistake. I was thinking "okay, nice family, good guy", I was then from his house. Then later [by a] couple months, I was like "nope! Same, same corruption."

    Because you know, some people, they pretend, it won't help. But when you get more information—because most of them, you can see information [for] any kind of candidate because they got more money, so they can post themselves but from better sides. But like for example, like immigrants like me, they get marginalised. Because why do I have to put "simple guy" to be a mayor? Because [the] one per cent in New York City, they never get to problem, because rich people want to say in New York, they feel good. All these guys who is represent[ing] New Yorkers, they [are] the one per cent. You got [a] high-payroll job, got tons of money. Guys, you don't know the problem, how do you know it helps the poor person, if you never live in his shoes?

    That's a big problem. Because I came here in this country. Tourist visa. Overstayed, not legal. [I] was afraid to get kicked out by ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. Then I got married, and [got] green cards, then I got citizenship, then I got my company. I run [a] moving business for ten years. Every day working hard, every day on the street I know what's going on, what kind of problem.

    This was my main idea because I know the problems. I'm not conceived from any kind of paper, or statistic, or anywhere in [a] computer. No, I really live this problem. Other guys? They try to pretend to be living the problem. But you never know the problem. How do you [be] like a person who's struggling for food, trying to listen for Uber Eats. Since right now, same thing.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2018 New York State gubernatorial election, so, the one for governor, basically?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : No, I did not support anyone.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2020 presidential election, if anyone?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Secret information, private information.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) You lived in Russia, so, who did you support in the 2018 Russian presidential election, if anyone, if you want to say?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : I [did] not vote that time.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Well yes, but did you support anyone, any one candidate?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : I cannot tell all the full information, because it can be really bad for my family because they're still in Russia.

    Anthony Fauci speaks at a coronavirus update briefing at the US White House, flanked by then-Vice President Mike Pence on April 6, 2020.
    Image: The White House.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) New York City has been notorious for being one of the heaviest-affected cities at the start of the pandemic, and still the city has over 930 thousand total reported cases of COVID-19 [and] over [32] thousand deaths. How will you address this, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Okay, first of all, you have to give the full information. If you remember Dr Fauci, he said "oh, we don't have enough PPE [personal protective equipment], we don't enough supplies, oh, guys, don't use your mask, we need this mask for all these nurses." It's a big mistake, big mistake. When he opens his mouth, people [are] like "okay, we don't have to", and it was really ridiculously spreading out. Because if you get a high position, even open your mouth, you have to think about twice, but he did not think about.

    Because I spoke [to] a lot of Russian doctors, American doctors, skilled professionals; because if you do any kind of procedure, you have to put it in mask. You go to your patient, you write it down: information, you check this person, then you get out from the room. You take it (mask) off, and throw [it] away because [it's] already hazard material. You cannot go, with this mask, in a different room.

    And back in the time, they didn't give you full information: how to operate it, what they have to do; because a lot of people [don't] know to put it, gloves, how taking off this gloves. Because when I was an auxiliary, I was training for CPI, and they explained how to use the mask, how [to] use the glove[s], how taking off this gloves. But this high-quality position person got access for TV, never [gave] you free classes [to] explain how this work[s], how to use your mask because I will see on the street people holding the cell phone, MetroCard, put it in the—second, swipe it, put it in the pocket, and still using gloves. Guys, you cannot touch this stuff in the gloves and put it in the pocket because when you're coming back home, you pull it out [of] your wallet without gloves, and all this bacteria going to spread it out.

    Workers sanitise a Metropolitan Transportation Administration (MTA) bus on May 6, 2020.
    Image: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.

    Another big problem: most of the foreign countries, they did sanitise the street. They did [it] using, like, UV light, they've been using special spray[s] on the street because when you walk, where usually goes the virus? It's on the ground. And you step in your shoe, whatever you got the mask, whatever you got any kind of gloves, you're going to bring them home in your shoes. But other countries, they're doing better because they did disinfect the stret. New York City [has] done nothing because they['re] like "oh, we want to put more money over there, over there", but it didn't do exactly the job what it needs.

    Even they started disinfecting [the] MT[A] after six, seven months later, is it like, ridiculously stupid?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How will you help racial and ethnic minorities, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Again, I will tell it a simple way. All these people who [are] working really hard, deserve the better expectation for benefits, for any kind of credits, for any kind, like, loan, because right now, you can see all these big businesses get a lot of loans, regardless like tax break, but regular people who [are] working really hard, who [love] their jobs, they don't have anything!

    For my opinion, I would like to create a lot of extra classes: re-qualification, because if you created more green jobs, for example, [in the] community, we have to grow a lot of trees and bushes and small community gardens to get organic food, to teach the kids. Because I grew up in Russia, everybody knows because everybody [has] a дача ((ru))Russian language: ‍country house when we grow, like, all these vegetables or just fruits, and we learned how to do this. American kids [don't] know because they don't have a lot of programmes, and if you created everything back to community, to school, to give them gardens, to colleges, to any kind [of] big—for example, like...

    And you can't see it, you got a big square roof, and you can plant the garden over there. Any kind of building can create a small garden with that. You can create it, more oxygen with all this green, because it's a simple, it's a biological process. You have to put [in] more green, and if you create it to start back to community, that will be co-operation. You can help all these people who really struggle: any kind of minority, any who's struggling for new job, we can [create] the job. Stop giving away money in jobs for big corporations; [they] already have enough money.

    You have to focus on ethnicity, on the people who lost [their] job. Don't forget: New York City still [has] age discrimination. Try to get a job: if you're wrong, you can get a job! If you['re] getting over 50, no way! That's a big problem. It doesn't matter who you are: Russian, Asian, from Africa; if you're over 50, [it's] really difficult. And if you['re] an immigrant, no, harder, because we['ve] got [a] second language. And then, they['re] looking at nothing but like "oh, you can't speak English." Yes we can, but we got accents." Doesn't matter.

    We saw people coming from different countries, got two or three education[s], two or three colleges. But you know, in America, if you['re] someone [that's] got [an] accent, already it's like "foreigner." I know some people who told me on the street "go back to your country." Doesn't matter, but I'm still here because I love this country.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Data collected by CBS News finds homeless New Yorkers are two to three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than the general population, and homeless students graduate at a sixteen per cent lower rate. 88 per cent of individuals facing homelessness in New York City are black or Latino. How will you address the homelessness crisis, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Okay first of all, again, they try to—"oh, we got a lot of homeless people", yes, I know. But, for example, you have to start from basic. Each one person who is on the street homeless [is] because they lost their job. It's like thirty per cent: thirty per cent are getting drugs, thirty per cent have got some kind of issue previously. For me, that's what I said: we have to create new jobs.

    We have to participate each one person who loves their job, retrain and give one more chance to get a new job. That's why my plan to build new houses using people for the city, that's when I created [for the] city: more jobs. Because you're going to get more salary, you're going [to] get more insurance and they get medicine. That's when I'm planning to build medical buildings and, as they build on by city, it's like if you created more jobs, all these people from the homeless, they can get retrained.

    Cropped portrait of President Joe Biden taken March 3, 2021.
    Image: Adam Schultz.

    Most important for me: all these college students who [are] in New York, people try to—"oh, I'm going to give you for free college tuition, blah blah blah", even Biden said that, but we have zero. For me, honestly, I'm not going [to] promise any kind [of] free college but, I got a guarantee: if you go to New York City College, you're going to guarantee to have a job in New York City because [the] city gonna create a lot of jobs, and [it's] gonna be enough for everyone.

    Then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the Wagner-Peyser Act on June 6, 1933, establishing the United States Employment Service.
    Image: FDR Library/Associated Press.

    It's like with FDR: [he] created more jobs with more money, exactly in all the cit[ies] in all the state[s], not only for people who gives this opportunity to live [a] good life, not for big corporation[s], because big corporation[s] already got enough money, why [do] they have to sign this big corporation contract if I keep creating a lot of small jobs? Focus on the people, not on the big money.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How will you handle the vaccine rollout?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Okay, simple way. I grew up in Russia. Each one person in Russia know[s] vaccine is good. What we['re] having right now, it's a misinformation from vaccine. People like "oh, I represent whatever, what it's called, I will beat SARS, let's do this, I represent this ethnicity, let's do that," this is the simple way: you have to give the classes. Some kind of classes' information: how [does] vaccine work, it's what's better, what's worse.

    Because right now, people, most of people [don't] have education and they're thinking like "vaccine is so stupid", but if you created some kind of classes. And again, if you created classes, you created the job: who is going to be training on these classes, who gives this—provides this information for community. I mean, we already solved two problems: we created more jobs to give better education for communities.

    Because right now, people, they don't care: "oh, government always gonna lie to us." And if you created this information in classes, people can believe it, what's going on. And you have to give some kind of example, not just say "we have to be vaccinated." If you show how it's work, what is the problem and how does it solve this problem. It's when you give information, and the people will decide better because they got better information. Right now, we don't have any kind of information. Why [do] they have to get this information from the governments who don't care about me? They just offered me to put it, vaccine, but didn't explain in [a] simple way for simple people.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) If you couldn't vote for yourself, who would you vote for?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : I don't know, probably someone who is like similar like me, who is [an] immigrant, who understands the problem, who did in my shoes, because I cannot vote anyone else who['s] just like "I'm going to support black and blah, brown community, blah blah blah." It's a bullshit. I want to know who person who will struggle is, because most of them, like, they get tons of money, you know, and they have alternative: if you're not gonna win, you['re] still in [a] comfortable life, with a comfortable payroll, with a comfortable community. I need a person like me who can use it; it means like he's got only one chance to help [the] community.

    A portrait of then-President Abraham Lincoln taken November 8, 1863.
    Image: Alexander Gardner.

    That's more important for me. If you're looking back like Lincoln President, he was starting from an axe-man, the chuck in the woods, then he became like postmaster, delivering the mail for [the] community, and he would talk to each one person when delivering the mail.

    You have, you know, like most of these candidates, they just doing; promote themselves. They're not really believe in our needs for people who [are] really struggling. Because I represent like immigrants, I'm represent[ing] small business owners, I'm represent[ing] like part of police, I'm represent[ing] part of MTA because I've been in one's infrastructure, and it's always a problem. Because I have overview in which one solution. And other candidate[s], to be honest, they['re] dropping the cool name or any kind of programme: "you can see with my web site one hop and step for each one day what I'm gonna do." Excuse me, I want to hear you right now, simple explanation.

    Because people want to know how. And when. Because I want to see the numbers. Because I want to know exactly how it's work, because I'm a simple guy, I'm not going to be playing like someone cannot calculate it, because I'm [an] engineer, I know how to calculate, how [to] measure it, how created this stuff. That's what was studied in college.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What are some reasons people might not vote for you?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Some reasons? I don't know, probably my accent. We still have a lot of racists in New York state, we still have a lot of arrogance. Every time I go to collect the signature[s], a lot of Democrats, they said like "oh, [al]ready [chose] one." That's like excuse me, I must get to sign my petition. It's a petition, you just give me chance[s].

    In the basic democracy, everybody get[s] the same chance to speak up, explain what they're doing, have opportunities to be on the ballot. And these arrogant Democrats, it's like "already [chose] one, I don't want to vote for you." You're not voting for new—simple explanation. You don't know the rules. You're ready not to represent democracy, democracy exactly are opposite. You have to give the chance for everybody, you have to help everyone, that's how it works because democracy, when you get a process discussion, when you get across in a debate, it's coming [up with] a real, true solution. That's how democracies work.

    That's always really surprising New York. A lot of people? "I don't know, I love this guy, I love this guy." Excuse me! If you want to get real democracy, you have to give chance[s] for everybody, when they coming time to debate, discuss, you can figure out who is better. Because if someone got money, okay, what is about money? Everybody who's [a] successful businessman I'm going to ask a simple question: "are your employee[s] union[ised] or not?" That's it! Because big corporations never want to have the union guys, because union guys can be protected by government. That's my answer.

    Obviously, all this who's running, they don't care, they just care [about] themself. And if you see how [many] contributions they have I suggest it's lying, you know what contributions: you have to match one to eight? And all these candidates got like one million, got contribution from city five million, another one got like half million, got contribution three million. Guys, you still have money, who need[s] it?

    Because all this money for taxpayers who really suffer right now, who need a day, who loves the job, who cannot pay rent, you guys promised to help it and then taking this money from mentioned five, ten contributions and spend it for advertising millions? I think it's hypocrisy. Who try to promise our poor people, and spend money for advertising. Is it hypocrisy?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Which person from history do you identi-

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : Lincoln. It's the best, my, president.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Anything else you would like to say, then?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Vitaly FilipchenkoWikinews waves Right.png)) : You're going to put in information, I'm going to say simple way: I'm a, like, regular guy, from New Yorkers. I just wanna ask if someone wanna help me with volunteers, collect the signatures for petition, please be really welcome, because you can find my web site; f-o-r Because if you believe it, we can win. Because simple people like me with our more important power, our votes, we can change a lot of things.

    Because other people, other candidates, they just buy people who collect the signature. I'm not buying, because I don't have any money, I'm not behind any kind of big corporation, I just do it by myself. If someone's interested and believe me, they can contact me on my web site, through my e-mail, office @, and please, if you can help, we can win. We can prove it: immigrants can get job done!

    This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.
  • Wikinews interviews candidate for Cleveland mayor Arthur Kostendt (2021/06/15 00:36)

    Monday, June 14, 2021 

    Arthur O'Kostendt.
    Image: Arthur O'Kostendt .
    Incumbent Mayor Frank G. Jackson at the Cleveland March for Our Lives demonstration on March 28, 2018.
    Image: Erik Drost.

    Arthur Oliver Kostendt, a candidate running in the mayoral election of the US city of Cleveland, Ohio set to take place November 2, discussed his campaign and policies with Wikinews this spring.

    According to Cleveland Scene, 29-year-old Kostendt is a member of the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Republican Party but has referred to his campaign as "casual". According to his web site's personal biography, he was a cadet for the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), scout platoon leader for the 2nd Squadron of the 107th Cavalry Regiment of the Ohio Army National Guard and logistics officer for the 1st Battalion of the 145th Armored Regiment. He served in Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and assisted coalition force detachments in Southeast Asia.

    Kostendt is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and summa cum laude graduate of Cleveland State University. He writes he uses an apostrophe to abbreviate his middle name as "Arthur O'Kostendt" instead of the customary period after the O to emphasise his Irish heritage.

    A poll published May 5 by Baldwin Wallace University, which does not feature Mr Kostendt, has Dennis Kucinich and Basheer Jones leading in the mayoral race by 17.8 and 13.3 points, respectively, with a margin of error of up to five per cent either way. 48% of those surveyed were undecided. Incumbent mayor Frank G. Jackson, who won the 2017 Cleveland mayoral election with 59% of the vote, is eligible for a fifth term but announced on May 6 he would retire.


    Please introduce yourself: your history and your background.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I grew up, one of four children, in Hudson, OH [Ohio], an outer ring suburb of Cleveland (to the North) and Akron (to the South). I was a student-athlete (Tennis) and musician (Saxophone). I went to college at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN [Indiana], where I studied Finance. I joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps halfway through college, and received my diploma and officer's commission on the same day in May, 2013. I attended the Armor Officer's basic course in Ft. Benning[,] and then began my banking career in Cleveland, in January of 2014, at B&F Capital Markets. I served with 2nd Squadron, 107th Cavalry from 2013 to 2016 in the Ohio Army National Guard.

    I studied for the LSAT [Law School Admission Test] and began attending classes at night in 2015 at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, which is Cleveland State's law school. I transferred to 1st Battalion, 145th Armored Regiment in late 2016. In 2018 I left B&F and worked a pair of part-time internships with Schuster & Simmons LPA and The Staff Counsel of the Cincinnati Insurance Companies.

    I graduated law school Summa Cum Laude in 2019 and deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Spartan Shield later that year, after an intense mobilization prep period including a 4-week cycle at the National Training Center in Ft. Irwin, CA [California]. I was promoted to Captain in the United Arab Emirates in November of 2019 at a place called Al Hamra.

    I returned to Cleveland in October of 2020 and began studying for the bar exam and launching my campaign for mayor. I started work as a delivery driver for Insomnia Cookies in University Circle on the overnight shift. I took the bar exam in February of 2021 and left Insomnia Cookies in March, to begin work on obtaining my Ohio Gaming License through JACK Casino. I received my passing bar exam results on April 20th, 2021 and I am now licensed to deal blackjack, which I plan to do part time at night while growing my solo law practice based in downtown Cleveland.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What made you decide to run for Mayor of Cleveland?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I love my home, the city of Cleveland, and I believe it is a great place with amazing Neighbors. In the future, I believe Cleveland will be recognized as the best place to live in the United States. However, living here today, we are confronted with the reality that our city government suffers from poor leadership. The consequences are severe: rampant crime, litter and blight, poorly maintained streets, ineffective schools, and waste are just a few of the ways our Neighbors suffer from poor government leadership[.] Rather than just complain about it, I decided to run for mayor with a goal of improving leadership in city government and provision of city services to our people.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What are some of the reasons Clevelanders should vote for you?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I am a leader, not a politician, and a true change candidate. I am committed to service above self, and I am not looking to use the office of mayor as a stepping stone to greater power or more money. I will finally hold municipal departments accountable for effectively serving the city.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Please elaborate on your service in the US military.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I joined the Army ROTC after my second year at the University of Notre Dame, and earned a commission from the President on the day I graduated in 2013. I was accepted into the Ohio Army National Guard as an Armor officer. (Armor is the "combat arm" equipped with tanks and lighter vehicles for offensive, defensive, reconnaissance, and security maneuvers)[.]

    Soldiers of the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team in a joint training exercise with Kuwait on July 6, 2020.
    Image: The National Guard.

    I served from 2014 to 2016 with A Troop of the 2nd Squadron, 107th Cavalry Squadron stationed in Greenville, OH as a scout platoon leader and Troop executive officer. In order to serve closer to home, in 2016 I transferred to the 1st Battalion, 145th Armored Battalion headquartered in Stow, OH. I served as the Platoon Leader for the Battalion Scouts and was promoted to Battalion Logistics Officer (S-4) prior to our deployment in 2019. Attached to North Carolina's 30th Armored Brigade, the "Steel Panther" Battalion served in Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE from Autumn 2019 to Autumn 2020. After returning home, I joined the Battalion operations team and I am in the process of transitioning to the Ohio Army National Guard Judge Advocate General's Corps.

    I have been awarded the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon, the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M Device, and a Meritorious Unit Commendation[.]

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Your web site promises "service above self." What does that mean for you?

    Jesus Christ as depicted in a church stained glass on Kelleys Island, Ohio on August 8, 2020.
    Image: User:Nheyob.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) In Mark 10:42-44, Christ instructs his disciples: "You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all." The good leader, as I have witnessed in the military, is a servant of the mission and the team. He does not lord his position over his charges but instead seeks to assume their burdens to whatever extent is possible and prudent.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What are some of the things you would do as Cleveland Mayor?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Reform and empower the Division of Police to protect our Neighbors; demand adequacy and discipline in our public schoolhouses; take the initiative to clean up litter, graffiti, and abandoned structures; and hold personnel in city departments accountable to Clevelanders for competent service.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) You mention disciplining government and cutting waste. Could you please elaborate?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png))

    Ms. [Rachel] Dissell's reporting sheds light on undisciplined conduct in our city government, in this case the health department. The Editor's Note further demonstrates lack of accountability and transparency in our city government.

    Departments of the Cleveland city government struggle to respond to FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests from media in a timely manner, struggle to organize efficient street clearing in winter, struggle to facilitate/approve much-needed community togetherness events proposed by motivated Neighbors, etc. I would change this. In terms of waste, the Mayor has 27 executive or special assistants according to the 2019 budget, one of whom is now facing rape charges. I believe I could do more with less.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) In one of your essays on your web site, this one titled 'Urban Blight', you wrote "[r]ehabilitating the lands of our city, including destruction of abandoned and neglected properties [...] starts with doing the work to get it cleaned up". Could you please elaborate?

    Members of the United States Coast Guard build a house in east Cleveland for Habitat for Humanity on September 11, 2008.
    Image: William Colclough.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Cutting grass, removing debris, and deconstructing a home is work that anybody could do, given time and instruction on safe procedure. Building a home is work that layman volunteers often do, such as with Habitat for Humanity. The city should take the lead on finding people motivated to do the work, finding a contractor willing to provide them the instruction, and executing. Blighted structures are not only an eyesore, but costly in terms of property value and taxes, and dangerous havens for criminal activity.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) In one of your essays on your web site, this one titled ["]The In-Crowd of Cleveland 'Politics'", you wrote "when you vote, you can vote somebody in the in-crowd, or you can vote for me." Could you please elaborate on your thoughts regarding Cleveland's "in-crowd"?

    No answer was provided.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) You wrote in your essay "Climate Change": "climate change is of no consequence to our city, and I consider it an enormous distraction and waste of potentially productive time." Could you please elaborate?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) The climate in Cleveland is awful -- high of 51 [51 ℉ (10.6 ℃)] today on May 11th. In this day and age, people are largely free to choose what climate they live and work in, and they largely choose climates that are warmer. Cleveland's low average temperatures are a significant hindrance to our growth and prosperity. Change would be a great thing, potentially leading to shorter and milder winters. At the extremes, extreme heat is less deadly and less destructive than our extreme cold. I spent June and July in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where temperatures linger above 100 [100 ℉ (37.8 ℃)] in the midnight darkness, and human life is doing just fine there. Cleveland is in no danger of getting that hot. The benefits of warmer temperatures, less snow, and less ice dramatically outweigh the supposed risks to our city of extreme heat or tornadic/hurricane activity that are associated with climate change. Larger population centers that have been preying on Cleveland's population for decades are in much greater danger from the effects of warmer temperatures and rising sea levels, so climate change would be very likely to reverse those trends and improve the fortunes of our own city (admittedly at the tragic expense of other American communities).

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What does Cleveland lack under Mayor Frank Johnson you hope to supplement?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Energetic leadership of the municipal staff, and a culture of accountability that guides all city departments.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2017 Cleveland mayoral election, if anyone?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Mayor Frank Jackson, reluctantly[.]

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2018 Ohio gubernatorial election, if anyone?

    Portrait of Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine taken December 10, 2018.
    Image: Vivien McClain Photography.
    Portrait of Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted taken December 10, 2018.
    Image: Vivien McClain Photography.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Governor Mike DeWine (who it may be worth noting is my commander-in-chief) and Lt. [Lieutenant] Governor Jon Husted[.]

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Who did you support in the 2020 United States presidential election, if anyone?

    Kanye West (front, left) at a campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina on July 19, 2020.
    Image: User:Nice4What.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Mr. Kanye West and Ms. Michelle Tidball[.]

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Cleveland was ranked in 2019 by the US Census Bureau worst in child poverty, second-worst for working-age adults and third in older-adult poverty among the largest US cities. How will you address this, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) By investing in our Neighbors, our children, and our future, we can drive a positive feedback loop of investment and productivity in our neighborhoods. Cleveland is shrinking, and so is our customer base and our tax base. By securing the streets from crime, improving schools to make Cleveland an attractive place to raise a family, cleaning up our shared spaces, and fixing lackluster provision of city services, City Hall can reverse population decline and make Cleveland an attractive place to invest in businesses, property, workers, and a bright economic future. Education and future-oriented investment are the "leading indicators" of economic self-sufficiency.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Cuyahoga County, which Cleveland is in, has recorded over 110,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 2,100 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. How will you address this, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Clevelanders can best fight the effects of disease, and other more common deadly health conditions, by prioritizing healthy eating, abstinence from substance abuse, and consistent physical fitness.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How will you help racial and ethnic minorities, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Racial and ethnic minorities make up a majority of our Neighbors, so they are the ones who have suffered the most from ineffective leadership and poor provision of city services. I will help racial and ethnic minorities, and every one of our Neighbors, by providing them what the city government owes its people: safe streets in every neighborhood at any time of day, effective schools, a clean and safe environment, and a disciplined city administration.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) If you could not vote for yourself, who would you vote for, if anyone?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I am really impressed with many of the candidates that have participated with me in discussions thus far. My answer at this point is probably Justin Bibb with honorable mentions to Landry Simmons, Zack Reed, and Ross DiBello in no particular order.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) What are some reasons people may not vote O'Kostendt?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) I will face a learning curve when it comes to working in city government, as I have never done so before. It will take time for me to learn the nuts and bolts, and become fully effective.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) How will you manage the [COVID-19] vaccine rollout, if elected?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Some reports indicate that virtually all adults who want the vaccine have received it, including yours truly. The Ohio Army National Guard in association with CSU [Cleveland State University] and other providers did a commendable job in organizing vaccine distribution.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Imagine Cleveland in 2025 under an O'Kostendt leadership. What do you picture it looking like?

    No answer was provided.

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Which historical figure do you most admire?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Jesus Christ of Nazareth[.]

    Wikinews waves Left.png((WNWikinews waves Right.png)) Anything else you would like to say?

    Wikinews waves Left.png((Arthur KostendtWikinews waves Right.png)) Thanks for your interest in my campaign, [...], and sorry for the extended wait on my response.

    This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.
  • Taylor Swift's Evermore records biggest sales week of the year as it returns to No 1 on album chart (2021/06/11 17:07)

    Friday, June 11, 2021 

    Taylor Swift at the 2019 American Music Awards.
    Image: Cosmopolitan UK.

    Taylor Swift's Evermore album has returned to the top position on the Billboard 200 chart this week, after an 8307% increase in sales. Evermore, which was released in December, only had its vinyl edition issued on May 28, although preorders were available from the moment of the album's release.

    In the week ending on June 3, Evermore sold 192 thousand copies, setting the record for the biggest sales week of the year. Billboard credited the rise of Evermore back to No. 1 to a number of factors, including "modern-era record-breaking vinyl LP sales — 102 thousand — Swift-signed CDs and deep discounting on its digital album". The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums in the United States on a weekly basis, combining album sales and streaming.

    Cquote1.svg This one hit me hard. I'm so in my feelings (more so than usual!) over what you all did here for Evermore. Blown away by how much you care, and how long we’ve been caring about each other...Love you, so very much. Cquote2.svg

    —Taylor Swift, on Evermore returning to No. 1

    In this week's chart, Evermore jumped from 74 to 1, marking the biggest jump to the number 1 position since Radiohead's In Rainbows went from 156 to 1. Since then, three albums have also re-entered the chart at no. 1, the most recent of which was Bon Jovi's This House Is Not for Sale on the March 10, 2018 chart, caused by a bundling of concert tickets with the album. Evermore broke the record for the biggest sales week for a vinyl album, having initially sold over 40 thousand copies from May 28 to May 31 to edge out the previous record holder, Jack White's Lazaretto. By the end of the week, Evermore had sold 102 thousand vinyl copies.

    The delay of Evermore's vinyl release is due to the length of time vinyl records take to produce. As Evermore was only announced a day before its release, it is likely that there was not sufficient time before its release to complete the production of physical editions of the album, including vinyl editions. In other countries where Evermore hit no. 1 upon its December release, it also recieved a boost. On the United Kingdom's Official Albums Chart Top 100, Evermore jumped 70 spots to the no. 4 position. Australia's ARIA Top 50 Albums chart saw Evermore go up nine spots to no. 38. In New Zealand, Evermore was one of the fastest rising titles on the Official Top 40 Albums chart, re-entering at no. 30.

Wikiversity is a project dedicated to learning materials and learning communities, as well as research. Wikiversity is not limited to university (or tertiary) level materials, but is open to materials and communities of all learner levels. The way it can facilitate learning activities and communities is still being explored, but is centered around the model of 'learning by doing', or 'experiential learning'.
Wikivoyage aims to create the world's largest free, complete and up-to-date world-wide travel guide.
Wikimedia Commons provide a central repository for free photographs, diagrams, maps, videos, animations, music, sounds, spoken texts, and other free media. It is a multilingual project with contributors speaking dozens of languages, that serves as a central repository for all Wikimedia projects.
Wikidata aims to create a free knowledge base about the world that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike. The data available in Wikidata is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License to allow third-party users to freely reuse the data available, unlike other Wikimedia projects.
The MediaWiki open source community maintains several software projects.
Meta-Wiki is a project used as a central hub for various coordination and organization tasks, such as discussions affecting multiple wikis or planning upcoming events.
The Wikimedia Incubator is a wiki used for developing new wikis.
Wikimedia Labs 2) is a project aimed to help volunteers get involved in Wikimedia operations and software development, and to make it easier for system administrators and developers to try out improvements to Wikimedia infrastructure, including MediaWiki.

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