O bandă desenată reprezintă un mijloc de comunicare pe cale grafică, alcătuit cu ajutorul imaginilor și, adeseori, a cuvintelor, în scopul de a ilustra un fir narativ.

PHD Comics



Penny Arcade

The Energy Comic Strips


Abstruse Goose

Left-Handed Toons

White Outs

Legend of Bill by Kevin Vassey & Don Kuehn

Abstruse Goose

Bleeding Cool News And Rumors


Calvin and Hobbes (Unofficial)


Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic

Dead Philosophers in Heaven

Dilbert Blog

Dilbert Daily Strip

Dinosaur Comics!

Existential Comics



Girl Genius

Gunnerkrigg Court

Hark! A Vagrant


Least I Could Do

Left-Handed Toons

Lunar Baboon


Nedroid Picture Diary


Order of the Stick

Penny Arcade

PHD Comics

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Energy Comic Strips

The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Poorly Drawn Lines




Savage Chickens

Scandinavia and the World

Very Demotivational

What If?

White Outs


Zero Punctuation


Best #comics feeds

Site Description
The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories The oatmeal tastes better than stale skittles found under the couch cushions
FAIL Blog The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and fails. And we all out of cats. Flash Animations, Daily Comics and more!
QC RSS The Official QC RSS Feed
Oglaf! -- Comics. Often dirty. Comics. Often dirty. Updates Sundays.
The Perry Bible Fellowship Offbeat comic strip by Nicholas Gurewitch. Includes archives, information about the author, and purchases.
Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic A comic about video games!
Zero Punctuation Zero Punctuation is The Escapist's groundbreaking video review series starring Ben „Yahtzee“ Croshaw. Every Wednesday Zero Punctuation picks apart the games so you don't have to. Called „hilariously cutting … first legitimate breakout hit from the gaming community in recent memory“ by Boing Boing, see why gamers love it and developers fear it.
Poorly Drawn Lines A thrice-weekly webcomic written and illustrated by Reza Farazmand. New comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Order of the Stick
Dilbert Blog
PvPonline PvP News and Comics Feed
What If? Answering your hypothetical questions with physics, every Tuesday.
CBR Just another WordPress site
Calvin and Hobbes (Unofficial) Unofficial Calvin and Hobbes RSS Feed
Scandinavia and the World A webcomic about the countries of the world, their interactions, and shenanigans.
Least I Could Do A daily webcomic series about the life of Rayne Summers. Created by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza.
Savage Chickens Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage
Girl Genius Girl Genius Online Comic
Gunnerkrigg Court Gunnerkrigg Court is a science-fantasy webcomic created by Tom Siddell. It is updated online three days a week.
FoxTrot Official website of Bill Amend's comic strip. Your home for FoxTrot comics, news and merchandise.
Bleeding Cool News And Rumors Comics, Movies, TV, Games
Very Demotivational Demotivational Posters to Demotivate You - Work Harder, Not Smarter. To put the cart before the horse, and to never do what is best for you.

Dinosaur Comics! - ONLY the greatest comics for all the awesome people of the world?? - 3 articles/week - the comic where the pictures never change comes out against change, QUELLE SURPRISE

Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic - A comic about video games! - 4 articles/week

Giant in the playground - Order of the Stick - 1 article/week

1154: Forgotten Secret - Lunarbaboon - 1 article/week - Recommend

LFG Comics - This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources. - 3 articles/week - 1268

Existential Comics - Existential Comics: A comic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also jokes. - 1 article/week - The Vienna Circle Solves Humor

PHD Comics - Providing global up-to-the-minute procrastination! - 1 article/week - 11/23/18 PHD comic: 'Your Research Focus'

INCIDENTAL COMICS - Words and Pictures by Grant Snider - 1 article/week - Questions (for Mary Oliver)

Extra Fabulous Comics - 'they are comics' - wall street journal - 4 articles/week

Fowl Language Comics - Tired parent. Coffee enthusiast. Cartoonist Ordinaire - 4 articles/week

Comic Book Movie - CBM RSS:'s official RSS Feed! Keep up to date with the latest and greates in comic and superhero movies and TV! - 108 articles/week

Web Comics - Comics from around the Web - 2 articles/week - New Year's Resolution

Real Life Comics - The normal daily lives of some abnormal people - 5 articles/week

The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories - The oatmeal tastes better than stale skittles found under the couch cushions - 1 articles/week - On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars

The Comics Curmudgeon - - 9 articles/week

Cyanide and Happiness - Flash Animations, Daily Comics and more! - 7 articles/week

Megatokyo Comics and News - News and Comics from Megatokyo. - 1 article/week - Comic [1548] „the less appealing parts of her personality“

Most Recent Dark Legacy Comics - The most recently updated comics at - 1 article/week - #666: The Mark of the Beast

IGN Comics - The latest IGN news, reviews and features about comics and comic books - 22 articles/week

Sheldon® Comic Strip: Daily webcomic by Dave Kellett - Sheldon is a sarcastic, nerdy, family-friendly comic strip filled with pop-culture references and fun, random storylines. At its center is this weird, wonderful little family: a billionaire boy, his talking duck, & the grandfather that raises them bot. - 3 articles/week - strip for February / 8 / 2019 - IT'S ALIVE

The Comics Journal - Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/1194): Table 'tcj_options' is marked as crashed and should be repaired in /home/tcjcom/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1877 Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/1194): Table 'tcj_options' is marked as crashed and should be repaired in /home/tcjcom/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1877 - 12 articles/week

DRIVE™: The SciFi Comic, by Dave Kellett - 3 articles/week - strip for February / 7 / 2019 - Fragmented

sticky comics - Cartoonist, designer, tech lover, feminist mom. My work appears on @GoComics, @Cosmopolitan, @Buzzfeed, etc. Politics & tech: @xiann. Instagram: @sticky_comics - 2 articles/week - Decorate this motorcycle jacket

DC Comics News Feed - The latest news, reviews, previews, and shipping dates for DC Comics, courtesy of ComicList. - 4 articles/week

Cooking Comically - Lover of art, food, games, movies, and travel. Otherwise known as Tyler, the guy behind Cooking Comically. - 1 article/week - Powerful Poultry

Garfield daily comic - The daily comic of Garfield, from - 8 articles/week - geek comic site - is a geek comic site. Comics about Programming Languages, Web, Cloud, Linux, etc. - 1 article/week - The Depressed Developer 42

Comics Worth Reading - Independent Opinions, News, and Reviews of Graphic Novels, Manga, and Comic Books - 3 articles/week - Recent News and Cover Reveals for Upcoming Kids and YA Comics

Comics – AmazingSuperPowers: Webcomic at the Speed of Light - by Wes and Tony - 1 article/week - WAYNESAW

CATANA COMICS - - 1 article/week - Footprint Stealer

Megatokyo Comics - News and Comics from Megatokyo. - 1 articles/week - Comic [1548] „the less appealing parts of her personality“

GU Comics - Gaming News and Comics - 3 articles/week - Comic: February 8th, 2019

DC Comics News - DC Comics News: Welcome to the #1 source for DC Comics! - 40 articles/week

Darkgate Comic Slurper - The latest strips of your favourite web-comics slurped from the internet. Configure your preferences at - 3 articles/week - User Friendly by J D „Illiad“ Frazer - 10 February 2019

C-Section Comics - Cartoons, Comics and Funny Pictures - 1 articles/week - To the Moon and Back

Witchy Comic - News, updates, and tidbits for the webcomic Witchy. Created by @cousineggplant. Sponsor me on patreon! #witchycomic - 1 articles/week - Page 313

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