Do Something Videos - KarmaTube is a collection of inspiring videos accompanied by simple actions that every viewer can take. KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity
  • Living in the Time of Dying - Film (2022/05/19 10:00)
    Michael Shaw, the creator of this compelling documentary, describes it as "a journey seeking to both face up to the global changes we are collectively facing, as well as an exploration of how to meet this time with a ready, willing heart." Through a series of in-person interviews with key people who are exploring the vast challenges of living during the global crisis, the film calls for the courage and acceptance needed to face the stark reality of the unfolding climate tragedy, while doing all that we possibly can to help each other live through it.
  • Beyond Polarity (2022/05/12 10:00)
    This animated video offers hope for creating together the world that honors our collective needs by building on what unifies us. To make personal change that scales up to social change requires meeting our most important needs and recognizing that people are different. These differences can add color and richness to life and they can also be polarizing. Knowing another person's needs is a starting point for understanding and co-creating the world that meets our collective needs.
  • Perpetual Motion (2022/05/05 10:00)
    Don't miss this busy, vibrant woman who is continually active on her farm, doing the chores, loving the animals (she looks into the eyes of each one every day). Everyone wants to know when she will stop, but she says never! Even if they put her in a coffin she says she will stand up again and start walking. Why? Because while every day may not be fun, there's always a reason to get up and be going - to make every day count. Take in her rich life and find your own riches.
  • Called to the Sea (2022/04/28 10:00)
    "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." ~Jacques Yves Cousteau. Roger Hanson, a retired school teacher and an ocean advocate, has always loved the sea. He was called to live near the ocean after a chance encounter with a whale many years ago. One day, while diving in Long Beach, California he happened upon a tiny species that seemed oddly out of place. He has since dedicated his life to protecting the habitat of the Pacific Seahorse, and he has come to be called the Seahorse Whisperer. 
  • Flight of Starlings (2022/04/21 10:00)
    Scientists have various theories about what causes starlings to swarm and flock together as they fly in unison, but a final explanation still eludes researchers. Such aerial flights of hundreds or thousands of these birds in hypnotic displays of coordination and rhythm are called murmurations. Scientists are studying such behavior in nature to see how swarm theory can be applied to artificial intelligence and solve human problems. In birds, these groups may be eluding a hawk, gathering strength for upcoming migrations, working together to generate heat or responding to magnetic forces unseen to humans. Or perhaps a murmuration is something more--something that science can't explain simply in quantifiable terms. Maybe it is a dance to music that only the birds can hear or maybe it is play on a level that only birds can appreciate. Whatever a mumuration is, it is a joy for humans to witness and surely makes many wish that we too had wings to fly with such freedom.
  • The Possibility Alliance of Missouri: Sharing the Joy of Simple Living (2022/04/14 10:00)
    Ever dream of living a simpler, more community-rooted lifestyle? Ever wondered if you & your friends really could grow your own food? Or build your own house? What would it look like to dedicate your pursuits and personal interests to match up with an intention of peace, respect for nature, long-term sustainability...and JOY? Meet several young people who made this dream their reality with a project called "The Possibility Alliance" - an amazing intentional farming community on a lush piece of land in northeastern Missouri.
  • Writing a Better Story - Carrie Newcomer (2022/03/31 10:00)
    There comes a time when we choose what stories we tell ourselves personally or as a community. "So let us all honor the stories that gave us courage and personal grounding, the stories that brought us here, the finest ones the ancestors carried for us until we could carry them for ourselves.  Let us acknowledge the stories that its time to finally release, to name the dragon so that the dragon can fall and transform into winged wisdom and insight. Let us build a new collective story of healing and the rise of a new power on earth, based in love, supported by love and extended in love." Listen to Carrie Newcomer sing us out of stories that no longer serve us into claiming stories that are truer and more life giving.

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