flatpak run

alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak run -help
  flatpak run [OPTION…] APP [args...] - Run an app

Help Options:
  -h, --help                              Show help options
  --help-all                              Show all help options

Application Options:
  --arch=ARCH                             Arch to use
  --command=COMMAND                       Command to run
  --branch=BRANCH                         Branch to use
  -d, --devel                             Use development runtime
  --runtime=RUNTIME                       Runtime to use
  --runtime-version=VERSION               Runtime version to use
  --log-session-bus                       Log session bus calls
  --log-system-bus                        Log system bus calls
  --log-a11y-bus                          Log accessibility bus calls
  --file-forwarding                       Enable file forwarding
  -v, --verbose                           Print debug information during command processing, -vv for more detail
  --ostree-verbose                        Print OSTree debug information during command processing
  --share=SHARE                           Share with host
  --unshare=SHARE                         Unshare with host
  --socket=SOCKET                         Expose socket to app
  --nosocket=SOCKET                       Don't expose socket to app
  --device=DEVICE                         Expose device to app
  --nodevice=DEVICE                       Don't expose device to app
  --allow=FEATURE                         Allow feature
  --disallow=FEATURE                      Don't allow feature
  --filesystem=FILESYSTEM[:ro]            Expose filesystem to app (:ro for read-only)
  --nofilesystem=FILESYSTEM               Don't expose filesystem to app
  --env=VAR=VALUE                         Set environment variable
  --own-name=DBUS_NAME                    Allow app to own name on the session bus
  --talk-name=DBUS_NAME                   Allow app to talk to name on the session bus
  --system-own-name=DBUS_NAME             Allow app to own name on the system bus
  --system-talk-name=DBUS_NAME            Allow app to talk to name on the system bus
  --add-policy=SUBSYSTEM.KEY=VALUE        Add generic policy option
  --remove-policy=SUBSYSTEM.KEY=VALUE     Remove generic policy option
  --persist=FILENAME                      Persist home directory
alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak run com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch
alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak run org.kde.marble
alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak run eu.tiliado.NuvolaApp8tracks
alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak run eu.tiliado.NuvolaAppAmazonCloudPlayer
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