A curated listing of beautiful and interesting Startpages from around the web.

Name Website Author
StartPage Web Search StartPage/ weboasIS
Simplicity - Jaredk3nt Jaredk3nt
startpage MSDVVR
n0stV@p0R Jett Scythe
vimstart nandavera
Dark slate torvim
Homepage seanvree & haltdev
Devola damienstewart
Nexus Startpage EduardoZepeda
Decaux Capuno
Localstorage link list paloranta
Hipster-Startpage brentschaper
RetroPage Ravenger
Retro CRT Terminal scar45
MS Edge Startpage katalysatorn
mintab Kory Schneider
terminal kemsly
Start page BIOS tommyku
Startpage fidelt
Blind Capuno
Yogic Startpage traderjohn
homepage-v5 TacoAnon
Cybercafe Merxvell
Terminal xprmt
Dark Startpage nielsvanrijn
Startpage matyiu
Tab: A Startpage KorySchneider
Startpage oliver-grech
Homepage E66666666
MyStartPage Navigatron
HopePage RobyReshy
periodic twentytwoo
startpage mpcsh
KatawaDojo prospectbro
SimpleBoxes su1ts
Homepage V4 grillmaster-t28
Campsite MossFrog
Sunset Seight
Home Page Elementary OS chicoray
start allgenesconsidered
start alecdtatum
startpageV2 brianwalborn
startpage brianwalborn
homepage gokoururi
Startpage tudurom
Boltohomepage Boltovnya
New Tab Nigel
Tab Home Anon
Horizontal List 0XE4
Categories Anon
Start-Page ahodesuka
Homepage adrian20038
Startpage Sam6420
Start-Page zivallh
Startpage bamboocza
startpage.rwrt crshd
Startpage kopri-nb
Startpage jad340
Startpage lmwebdesign
Startpage Vogeltak
Startpage austinkilduff
Startpage lazyfox81
Home cfrank
Start druz320
Startpage josedaniel
Startpage Cel51
Startpage (inc. Script) inexist3nce - startpage using a database
MyStartPage skd1993
MyStartPage (Modified) 0XE4 - My take on skd1993's
Start Page 2 tayumpee
jsh - Functional terminal page Vyris
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