Gallery of various GNU/Linux, BSD and other open source distributions and different open source desktop environments with updates & stories on each.
  • LibreOffice 6.1 shows the power of large and diverse community contributors (2018/08/10 03:00)
    The Document Foundation has announced the release of LibreOffice 6.1. It is a major release with contributions from hundreds of community contributors around the world. TDF showcases this release as an example of, what an open source can do with the collective power of contributors from diverse backgrounds.
  • Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 released with seamless Gtk Integration (2018/08/06 03:00)
    The Netrunner team has announced the availability of Netrunner 2018.08, the latest stable release of Arch-based rolling GNU/Linux distribution. This release includes multiple improvements including the Plasma 5.13.3 and other components. It also provides a nice integration with Gtk based applications.
  • Korora team is back on Korora 28 development after the vecation (2018/08/03 03:00)
    Closing the uncertainties on the future of Korora project, Korora team has started working on Korora 28. Earlier, the team had planned to go on an indefinite vacation because of the poor community support for taking the Korora project forward. This put the future of Korora project in a dilemma.
  • Lubuntu is taking a new direction with LXQt (2018/08/02 03:00)
    With the migration to LXQt ecosystem, Lubuntu team is planning to revise their initial design goals and to take a new direction. The initial design goal of Lubuntu was to provide a lightweight operating system that can revive older hardware. In the past, this distribution was a success in accomplishing its mission.
  • ArchLabs Linux 2018.07 released with a brand new dark theme (2018/07/30 03:00)
    The ArchLabs team has announced the release of ArchLabs 2018.07. It is the latest stable release of Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution inspired by the design principles of Bunsenlabs. The main focus of this release on stability improvement, performance and usability improvements and other optimizations.
  • Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition becomes first OEM hardware with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (2018/07/30 03:00)
    The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptops are now available in the US with pre-installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This is the first major OEM’s hardware that ships Ubuntu 18.04 since it’s inception on April 2018. Canonical and Dell have worked to together to provide a seamless experience with Ubuntu on Dell XP 13 laptop.
  • Peppermint OS 9 is a good for some, not for all distribution (2018/07/24 03:00)
    Peppermint OS a hybrid operating system that integrates many web-based applications. It is built on top of Ubuntu and uses a blend of LXDE and Xfce with some components from other environments.
  • Neptune 5.4 released with a fresh look and feel (2018/07/24 03:00)
    Mr. Leszek of the Neptune project has announced the release of Neptune 5.4. It is the latest updated snapshot in Neptune 5.x series. It brings a set of updated packages and applications and avoids the need for the bulk package update after installing the operating system.
  • ReactOS 0.4.9 released with stability & usability improvements (2018/07/23 03:00)
    Mr. Colin Finck on behalf of ReactOS project has announced the release of ReactOS 0.4.9. It is the latest stable release in ReactOS tri-monthly release series.
  • ArchLabs opts for a new default dark theme (2018/07/22 03:00)
    The ArchLabs team has announced the availability of a new default theme for testing. This will be the default theme in upcoming ArchLabs releases. Currently, the team is focusing on the window manager theme. The team is yet to finalize the icon theme. Two possible candidates for icon theme are existing ArchLabs-light theme and Suru++ Aspromauros icon theme.

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